Volume 24 No. 9

January 14, 2020

Employment and Opportunities

3rd IPICS Open Science Conference - Call for Abstracts

The third Open Science Conference by the International Partnerships in Ice Core Sciences will be held October 18-23, 2020 in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. registration and the call for abstracts is currently open for the event. Please visit the website here for more information.

PhD Studentships - Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

The Victoria University of Wellington (UVW) has announced two 3-year PhD studentships to be held as part of an international research effort using speleothems to reconstruct the response of tropical South Pacific climate to rapid perturbation.

The ideal candidate will have a strong background in geochemistry, palaeoclimate and/or Earth Sciences, including sedimentary geology. The successful candidate needs a strong understanding of climate dynamics and ideally show potential to develop numerical/modelling skills. Candidates will conduct caving fieldwork in the tropical south Pacific, and some technical caving experience would be a welcomed skill in the curriculum.

The successful applicant will gain experience in a range of cutting-edge geoanalytical techniques and work with coupled ocean/atmosphere climate models. The studentship provides stipend, fees and covers all research costs, including travel to work with team members located in Australia and the USA.

Applications consist of: 1) a cover letter including a statement of research experience/interests; 2) contact details of 3 academic referees; 3) a curriculum vitae; and 4) a copy of current academic transcript (certified transcripts will be requested of short-listed candidates). The complete application in pdf format should be sent by email to: . The positions will remain open until filled, but to be guaranteed consideration, applications should be received by Friday January 17th.

Fully-funded Permafrost Research Graduate Student Positions - Carleton University

NSERC PermafrostNet is a new NSERC Strategic Partnership Network in Permafrost Research. They are recruiting for fully funded graduate student research positions at a number of universities across Canada.

There are opportunities for two graduating or graduated Master’s students for two PhD positions in the fall of 2020 in the area of simulating permafrost thaw which can be found here and here. These fully funded PhD studentships will be based at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. As part of NSERC PermafrostNet, these positions will offer an outstanding training environment under the supervision of Scientific Director, Stephan Gruber, and the excellent supervisory teams.

There is also an opportunity for a graduating or graduated Masters student for a PhD position in the fall of 2020 in the area of quantifying the ice and water content of permafrost with dielectric methods which can be found here. The position will benefit from state-of-the-art equipment and a supervisory team with world-class expertise in dielectric geophysical methods.

Field Research Opportunity for Environmental Sciences students at UBC - The Walking Schoolbus

The Walking School Bus

is a Vancouver-based nonprofit which, in partnership with the UNHCR and National Geographic, provides digital education initiatives in UNHCR refugee settlements in Uganda. They are looking for students to accompany them on their February Research Expedition to Bidibidi Refugee Settlement in Uganda.

They believe that this opportunity is well-aligned with the studies and interests of students on the Environmental Sciences Program at UBC, particularly with regard to one of the Expedition’s principal research goals: to better understand the environmental issues facing refugees, and to optimize our solar power program to better tackle them. This is a unique opportunity for students in Environmental Sciences Program to apply their studies and skills to real, impactful research contexts.

Pricing information can be found here.

If you have any questions about this research opportunity, would like to get in touch to express interest, please contact Eli Wyatt at

Programs and Events

EOAS Graduate Student Research Carnival

In place of this week's regular colloquium, there will be a Graduate Student Research Carnival held on January 16th in ESB 5104 at 4:00pm! We will be delivering talks from EOAS graduate students through short 5 minute presentations on topics from all our EOAS disciplines: geophysics, geology, hydrology, oceanography, and more! Hope to see you all this week!

IRES Seminar Series: Student Seminar with Bronwyn McIlroy-Young and Harold Eyster

Title: Chemical controversy: exploring scientific disagreements about the assessment of endrocrine disrupting chemicals with Bronwyn McIlroy-Young

Abstract: Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) pose a wicked dilemma for science and regulation. EDCs interact with the endocrine (hormonal) system effecting development and reproduction. They are constitutive of numerous products that promote health, nutrition and beauty; however, EDCs also pose a potential threat to human and environmental health. Globally, scientists lack consensus over how to assess EDC risk: some advocate for a precautionary, hazard categorization approach; others for a more permissive risk assessment approach. Each side accuses the other of being unscientific and biased. This controversy has exacerbated difficulties in developing EDC regulation. Our study employed focus groups with scientists supporting a hazard and risk approach. The findings reveal fundamental differences in the framing of the challenge posed by EDCs, including the nature of the EDC problem, influences on chemical policymaking, and the roles of scientists in supporting or impeding effective regulation.

Title: Using genetic distinctness to motivate people to conserve a widespread species with Harold Eyster

Date and Time: January 16th, 2020 at 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Location: AERL Theatre (room 120), 2202 Main Mall

PhD Thesis Defense - Karina Ramos Musalem

Title: Transport Through Submarine Canyons

Date and Time: Friday, January 17th at 12:30pm

Location: Room 200 of the Graduate Student Centre (6371 Crescent Road)