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Geological Engineering is an interdisciplinary B.A.Sc. program that is housed in the Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (Faculty of Science), but is under the jurisdiction of the Dean of Applied Science, and administered by a Board of Study. This is the largest geological engineering school and Co-op program in Western Canada (and one of the largest in the world) with campuses in Vancouver and the Okanagan. It graduates 75 per cent of all new geological engineers in BC. The undergraduate program is a fully accredited. Its graduates become eligible for full P. Eng registration in the province after 4 years of practical experience. This degree can be obtained with or without participation in the Co-op program (see below).

Geological Engineering is an interdisciplinary field, in which principles of geoscience are used to solve engineering and environmental problems. It connects geology, physics and chemistry with civil engineering and other fields (e.g. mining, geography, forestry) to provide a versatile set of skills applicable to a wide range of contemporary problems. The qualifications of a geological engineer are similar to those of a civil engineer with geotechnical or environmental specialization, however, our graduates have the advantage of better understanding of geological processes.

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About UBC Geological Engineering

Geological engineering is a strong interdisciplinary field, which combines principles of geology, geomechanics, geotechnical engineering and hydrogeology, together with other fields like mining, geography, and geophysics, to solve a wide range of practical problems related to societal interactions with the Earth environment.

Geological engineers specialize in understanding the role geological processes play in the variability of engineering parameters, and how to manage the associated uncertainty and risk to produce designs that are responsive to societal needs — safe, economic, and sustainable.


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