Courses offered at EOAS

  For official listings of courses to be offered in the current academic session see official UBC course lists at ATSC, ENVR and EOSC. Courses NOT listed there are not scheduled for the current session.

Prospective students

EOAS offers over 100 undergraduate courses spanning a wide range of topics in Earth, ocean, atmospheric, climate, environmental and planetary sciences. Find which courses are appropriate for you own passions and interests using tables below.

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  • Complete listing of all undergraduate and graduate ATSC, ENVR and EOSC courses. 
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  • Courses listed by topics. The 10 topic headings are: climate / environment, includes human context, geoscience, planets, oceans & atmosphere, biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer programming.
  • Science Electives in EOAS enable science students to apply math, computing, physics, biology, chemistry or other scientific skills within the context of the Earth or planets.
  • Field, community or industry-based courses: Fully field-focused courses, and courses that might have some field, community or industry based learning opportunities.
  • A Directed Studies course enables you to carry out an individual research project under the supervision and guidance of a faculty member.

Prerequisites for each course

Be sure to check prerequisite courses required prior to enrolling in any course. Select the course from one of the lists above and check the end of the official “description”.