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EOSC 118
Earth's Treasures: Gold and Gems

One of the topic modules below is linked to a sample lesson.  Students who register for this course can see all the lessons.

Module A (L1-7): Rocks, Minerals and Gems

Lesson 1: Introduction to EOSC118
Lesson 2: Famous Gemstones and Jewellery
Lesson 3: Significant People and Groups
Lesson 4: Current Trends and the Media
Lesson 5: Key Geoscience Concepts
Lesson 6: Elements, Matter, and Precious Metals 
Lesson 7: Minerals: Parent Gem Materials 
Wittlesbach Diamond

Module B (L8-23): Precious Gemstones (Diamonds and beyond!)

Lesson 8: Diamonds 
Lesson 9: Diamond Mineralogy and Gemology 
Lesson 10: Diamond Geology and Geography 
Lesson 11: Processed Diamonds 
Lesson 12: Colour, Light and Optics 1
Lesson 13: Colour, Light and Optics 2
Lesson 14: Introduction to Beryl
Lesson 15: Beryl Mineralogy and Gemology
Lesson 16: Beryl Geology and Geography
Lesson 17: Corundum: Parent to Rubies and Sapphires
Lesson 18: Corundum Mineralogy and Gemology
Lesson 19: Corundum Geology and Geography
Lesson 20: Gem Bearing Pegmatites - Geology and Geography
Lesson 21: Pegmatite Gems - Tourmaline, Topaz and Spodumene
Lesson 22: Other Gemstones 1
Lesson 23: Other Gemstones 2


Module C (L24-36): Mining and Major Metals

Lesson 24: Gold - Introduction, History, and Mineralogy
Lesson 25: Gold - Geology and Supply
Lesson 26: Gold - Geography of Canadian Lode Gold
Lesson 27: Platinum Group Elements - Introduction, History, and Mineralogy
Lesson 28: PGEs - Geology and Geography
Lesson 29: Silver
Lesson 30: Copper and Other Metals
Lesson 31: Large Scale Mining
Lesson 32: Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining and Fair Trade
Lesson 33: Social and Environmental Impacts
Lesson 34: Jewellery and Ancient Numismatics
Lesson 35: Review
Lesson 36: Final Class


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Photo credits:
1) The Wittlesbach Diamond. Christie's Ltd. 2008.
2) This 5.42 carat natural emerald from Muzo with excellent clarity is a top quality stone and would demand a high premium. Photo from of the Gemological Institute of America.
3) Gold bullion.   Photo from the Royal Canadian Mint.

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