Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences Department
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Online Courses   (for both on-campus and distance-education students)

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Courses open to everyone:

ATSC 113 - Applied Meteorology: Weather for Sailing, Flying & Snow Sports .

EOSC 114 - The Catastrophic Earth: Natural Disasters .

EOSC 116 - The Mesozoic Earth: Time of the Dinosaurs .

EOSC 118 - Earth's Treasures: Gold and Gems .  

Courses open to students not in Science or Engineering:

EOSC 310 - The Earth and the Solar System .

EOSC 311 - The Earth and its Resources .

EOSC 314 - The Ocean Environment .

EOSC 315 - The Ocean Ecosystem (sample under construction) .

Courses open to Science students:
(including all EOAS students except those majoring in Geology or Geophysics)

EOSC 326 - Earth and Life through Time .

Courses open to Science  & Engineering students,
(and others with appropriate Math & Physics background):

ATSC 313 - Renewable Energy Meteorology

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