◉ Engaging student clubs and organisations - ◉ Numerous Department events - ◉ our unique Earth Courses Assistance Centre (Room 109 in the EOS Main building) - ◉ Community and industry partners in learning - ◉ Field / lab / hands-on learning … Discover more below!


   Nearly all events sponsored or run by the Department are open to undergraduate students. Please see the Department’s News and Events page (click the drop-down menu "Filter by event type" to select the series you are interested in).

  • We especially encourage you to attend the colloquium seminars, as they are directed at what we call “the well-informed lay-person”. 
  • Seminars other than colloquia may also be of interest although they may be aimed at specialists in the subject 
  • Thesis defences are technical, oral exams for graduate students who are defending their thesis research. 

Student clubs and activities

The undergraduate Dawson, ESSA, GeoRox, Oceanography, and Storm clubs (links below) represent every type of scientific interest within the Department. They coordinate a variety of social and professional development activities including sports, career fairs, field trips, annual talent nights, weekly social gatherings, and more. 

These groups form the EOAS Undergraduate Club Council. It serves as a unified voice for students in communications with Department administration, allocates and administers club space within the department, and dispenses Department funds for worthy student activities or projects on a competitive basis. 

Individual EOAS students as well as EOAS Clubs may apply to the Undergraduate Activities Fund (UAF) for money to support professional development or club activities. Links with details: 

The G.M. Dawson Club encompasses the undergraduate geosciences community (Geological Sciences, Geophysics and Earth & Ocean Sciences students) in EOAS. We provide leadership and organisation for industry and department subsidised events, as well as a focal point for social activities, academic events and field trips. The club facilitates the undergraduate experience in EOAS by bringing undergraduates together with faculty and industry to prepare them for geoscience careers.

Facebook: @TheGmDawsonClub
Website: https://blogs.ubc.ca/dawsonclub/

The Environmental Sciences Students' Association (ESSA) is a student club representing the Environmental Sciences program at UBC. We are dedicated to bringing together people with a passion for the environment, organising study sessions and social events for students to get to know each other, hosting alumni nights and career conferences with professionals, and taking part in events promoting public awareness of environmental issues. If you’re an ENSC student or have an interest in Environmental Sciences, ESSA is a great way to connect with other students, get involved, and create a unique undergrad experience.

Website: https://essaubc.wixsite.com/earth
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ubcessa
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ubcessa

GeoRox is an undergraduate club representing all UBC Geological Engineering students. Our club is one of the oldest at UBC. In fact, Geological Engineering was one of the original programs offered when UBC began in 1914. GeoRox is a very active student society, both within the EOAS Department and the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS). We proudly run annual events such as the Alumni Dinner, Distinguished Lecturer, Geotechnical Engineering Competition (GEC), and educational field trips. As a member of both the EUS and EOAS, GeoRox creates a diverse atmosphere for students to excel academically, socially and professionally.

Email: (link sends e-mail) 
Website: http://blogs.ubc.ca/georox/

As oceanographers and ocean-loving students, we are passionate about the sea. As all oceanography degrees are Combined degrees with other departments, many students do not have straight-forward opportunities to meet one another. We provide oceanography students with the opportunity to discuss common interests, receive support from peers, and connect to EOAS. We aim to host and participate in events such as shoreline cleanups, ocean-themed movie nights, UBC REC intramurals, a "Meet-your-EOAS-profs" night, and more! Join the club and bring your enthusiasm and creativity! 

Facebook: @ubcoceanography
Instagram: @ubcoceanographyclub

The Storm Club is the club for all things weather related. We welcome both Atmospheric Science students, and anyone who wants to learn more about the weather. The club holds weekly meetings, and participates in weekly weather briefings held by members of the Weather Forecast Research Team. Past field trips include tours of professional forecast centres (CTV, Environment Canada), and outdoor trips to experience weather first-hand, including gliding, hiking, snowshoeing - join, and recommend your “dream” event!

Website: https://blogs.ubc.ca/stormclub/

The UBC Society of Economic Geologists Student Chapter (UBC SEG) is open to UBC undergraduate and graduate students interested in economic geology. SEG aims to strengthen the link between the mining industry and students in economic geology, organize educational activities, technical short-courses and field trips in BC and abroad, and student-industry networking events.

Facebook: @UBCSEGStudentChapter

Other student groups 

There are many clubs at UBC - check out the AMS CampusBase website. Here are a few:

There are also over 70 student groups involved in sustainability related activities - see the complete list with descriptions at https://sustain.ubc.ca/get-involved/student-groups.

Undergraduate Spaces

The EOAS Undergraduate Commons 

Room 208 in the EOS Main building is a dedicated space for EOAS students to study or socialise. It has tables, whiteboards, a TV and a kitchenette. Undergraduate clubs often hold their meetings in clubrooms surrounding this Commons space, and many of our annual social events are held there. A separate meeting room attached to the Commons (Room 208A, a.k.a. the "Fishbowl") is available for booking by undergraduates for activities such as group project meetings, event planning, or presentation practising sessions. 

To reserve the Commons space (208) or the Fishbowl (208A) please submit an online EOAS Student Space Room Request Form at least two weeks in advance.

Earth Courses Assistance Centre

The “Earth Course Assistance Centre” (ECAC) is a dedicated space for teaching assistants (TA) to provide office hours, to run individual exams, or to arrange special help sessions with a TA or instructor. Talk to your instructor or TA if you need to know when your course is offering “office hours” - or - if you would like to arrange a one-on-one meeting with a TA, or use the ECAC for any other learning purpose. 

Location: Room 109 in the EOS Main building (entry from the north side of the Pacific Museum of Earth’s main gallery). 

Community & industry partners in learning

Study and learn with industry or community partners. Each experience involves an authentic, real-life challenge, helping you build the knowledge and skills that will ensure you will succeed in your future profession or occupation. Check out our list of courses that involve community or industry partnerships

Field, Lab & Hands-on Learning

Most EOAS courses involve frequent opportunities to solve real scientific and societally relevant problems by applying new knowledge and skills in laboratories, real field settings, and involving other hands-on learning experiences. Check out our list of courses that involve field experiences in the city, on the ocean, with geology, groundwater and more.

Support Services at EOAS, Faculty of Science and UBC

  Need help of any kind?

If you have a question or are seeking assistance regarding your studies, health and wellness, campus life, financial situation, career and experience, or anything else at all, we are there to help! See our Advice & Support page for pointers to safe, respectful and confidential support services provided by EOAS, Faculty of Science, and UBC.