EOSC 432 · Fossil Fuels

Origin, geochemistry and distribution of petroleum and coal in the stratigraphic record. Sedimentation of organic matter, organic diagenesis, migration and accumulation of hydrocarbons. Principles of exploration and development. Techniques for measurement of organic maturation and source rock analyses. [2-2-0] Corequisite: EOSC 320.

Course Availability & Schedule

 Alternate year course

Even year start – Term 2


Marc Bustin

Lecture Topics

1. Introduction - overview
2. Chemistry of natural hydrocarbons
3. Origin and evolution of organic matter
4. Migration and accumulation
5. Well logs
6. Reservoir mechanics
7. Reservoir rocks
8. Prospecting and evaluation/production
9. Coal Deposits, exploration and exploitation
10. Case studies


1. Organic rich rocks in hand specimen
2. Organic rich rocks under the microscope
3. Numerical models of maturation
4. Introduction to well logs
5. Well logs clasitcs+carbonates (2 wks)
6. Well logs coal measures (Vicary Creek)
7. Well logs (Oil Sands)
8. Reef logs and interpretation (Zeta Lake)
9. Quantitative log analyses
10. Drill Stem Test Interpretations
11. Petroleum Resource Calculations