EOSC 474 · Marine Pollution

An interdisciplinary study of pollution, with examples drawn from coastal and oceanic environments, including areas of local interest. Intended for third and fourth year students with a background in the sciences. [3-0-0]

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Leah May Ver
Kristin Orians


Laws, Edward A., 2017. Aquatic Pollution: An Introductory Text, 4th Ed, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
ISBN (paper edition): 978-1-119-30459-3; (e-book): 978-1-119-30450-0

Lecture Topics

Week Topic
1 Course Overview
Introduction and Fundamental Concepts
2 Biological and Oceanographic Background
3 Toxicology
Monitoring Pollution
Cultural Eutrophication
4 Non-point Source Pollution
Sewage Treatment
5 Thermal Pollution
​Acid Deposition
6 Ocean Fertilization and Acidification
Ground Water Contamination
Metals 1
8 Metals 2
Radioactive Waste
9 Industrial Pollution
Salmon Farming
Oil Pollution 1
10 ​Oil Pollution 2
Pesticides 1
11 Pesticides 2
Mussel Watch
Biological Pollution: Invasive Species
12 Plastic Pollution
Assessing Pollution Damage
13 Management of Aquatic Pollution
Class Discussion on Current Events
Review for Final Exam