EOSC 546 · Advanced Field Methods in Earth Science

This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.

Course Availability & Schedule

Instructor: Joel Saylor

Contact: jsaylor@eoas.ubc.ca

Office: EOSM 362



  1. Hone a suite of field skills including geological mapping, cross-section drafting, and measuring stratigraphic section.
  2. Hone research, writing, and presentation skills.



            There will be limited class time in the fall semester. We will meet approximately once per week at a time TBD to suite the maximum number of schedules. Class will be a combination of lecture, student presentations, and discussion. Lectures will be designed to prepare students for field work in February 2024.

            The majority of the class will be held in the field in the field from 17–25 February 2024 (with a possible extension to 1 March for graduate students). Students will travel to Las Vegas, Nevada for field work. Students will be responsible for obtaining visas for travel to the USA if needed. Lodging in Las Vegas will be a combination of hotels and camping and come prepared for camping and daily field work.



            Assessment will based on class participation, in-class presentations, written field trip guide stops, field trip stop presentation, field competence, and field products (maps & stratigraphic sections).