EOSC 579 · Dynamic Oceanography

Consult the Credit Exclusion List in the Faculty of Science section of the Calendar. This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading. Prerequisite: EOSC 512.

Course Availability & Schedule

Course Syllabus

Learning goals: 

The students completing this course will be able to explain physically and do problems concerning ocean stratification, waves, and general ocean circulation. This course is an extension of EOSC 512 worth 1 credit, which is helpful in reaching the total number of credits required in some programs.  Topics vary from year to year depending on the research interests of students (and the instructor).

Course schedule is set during the first week of classes. Contact the instructor for more details.


Credit will not be granted for both EOSC 477 and EOSC 579.


Rich Pawlowicz, Susan Allen