Associate Professor Stephanie Waterman Awarded Charles A. McDowell Award

March 29, 2022

The Department is pleased to announce that Dr. Stephanie Waterman has won the Charles A. McDowell Award. This award, consisting of a medal and a certificate, is presented to an outstanding young faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in pure or applied scientific research.

Stephanie is a sea-going physical oceanographer interested in the fundamental role that ocean mixing processes play in climate dynamics, and how these mechanisms control the distribution of heat, energy, chemicals and marine organisms globally. 

She approaches her research both through observational and theoretical perspectives, using targeted field observations, observational data analysis, idealized process modeling, analytical analysis and lab studies. Her main aim is to observe real-world systems, identify the important physical processes generating individual phenomena, and reduce their complexity to a useable and useful model. Read more about her research here.

Congratulations to Dr. Waterman!

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