Call for Logo Designs 2023

The Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (EOAS) at the University of British Columbia (UBC) is excited to announce a call for submissions to a Logo Design competition. We are looking for a creative and striking logo that reflects the values of our department, and showcases our commitment to advancing research, education and public engagement in the domain of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences. 

EOAS is the largest and most diverse department of its kind in Canada, and is recognized as a global leader in Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences. Over the past quarter century, we have worked to realize a vision of interdisciplinary collaboration, tackling complex Earth Sciences research questions. Moving forward, we will continue to implement this vision through high-impact research and teaching, and through public engagement and outreach. We aim to advance our scientific understanding of the Earth System and use this information to guide societal actions towards improved stewardship of Earth’s resources.

The winner of the competition will receive a $500 cash prize and have the opportunity to collaborate with UBC EOAS to refine the logo further.


Participants should be undergraduate or graduate students at UBC or a university program in graphic design, digital media or equivalent. 

Requirements and Criteria

  • We are mainly looking for a monochrome logo, but also open to duo-coloured options. In the case where color is used, the logo should include the primary color of UBC EOAS (#096261), and may also optionally use the secondary colors (#E2EBEB and #1B1C1E) Dimensions of the logo should be 400 pixels x 400 pixels (minimum 72 DPI).

  • The logo should be useful for print, website, and social media applications. 

  • The logo should reflect the multidisciplinary nature of EOAS, communicate our dedication to Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, and reflect the interactions between different elements of the Earth System.

Submission and Selection

  • Please submit the logo in high-quality image format to: with the email subject line: “EOAS Logo Submission - YOUR NAME - YOUR FIELD OF STUDY - YOUR SCHOOL”.

  • Please feel free to write an art statement or explanation for your logo submission.

  • A committee of faculty, staff, and students representing EOAS will serve as the selection committee.

Deadline for Submissions

June 15, 2023

Terms & Conditions 

  • Upon selection, the winning participant agrees to transfer all ownership and intellectual property rights of their submitted logo design to UBC EOAS. This transfer enables the organization to freely use and modify the logo without further permission or compensation.

  • UBC EOAS reserves the right to modify the winning logo and may collaborate with the winning participant for further refinements as deemed necessary.

  • Participants confirm that their submissions are original and do not infringe upon any intellectual property or other rights of any third party.

  • Participants acknowledge that UBC EOAS may utilize the winning design for promotional purposes, including but not limited to, featuring the design on its website, social media accounts, and promotional materials.

  • The winning submission is not guaranteed to be officially adopted by UBC EOAS. UBC EOAS reserves the right to choose an alternative design or refrain from using any submitted designs.

  • By submitting a logo design, participants agree to comply with these rules and any additional terms and conditions imposed by UBC EOAS.


For more information, please contact

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