Prof. Catherine Johnson joins the Royal Society of Canada

September 8, 2023
Professor Catherine Johnson

EOAS Professor Catherine Johnson and five UBC researchers have been elected to the Royal Society of Canada (RSC). This achievement adds to the recognition received by over 60 UBC Science researchers by the RSC since 2000. The RSC acknowledges distinguished Canadians from various fields, including the arts, humanities, sciences, and public life.

Dr. Johnson's research focuses on geophysical investigations of terrestrial planets, moons, and small celestial bodies in our solar system. Her work covers magnetic fields, lithospheric structure, tectonic, magmatic, and thermal evolution of various celestial bodies, including Mercury, Mars, Earth, the Moon, Venus, Mars, and the Moon. Her lab utilizes data from samples, observatories, and satellites to study the interior structure and history of these bodies and understand how internal and external processes shape their evolution.

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