Play Climate Hero - An online game that combines AI with climate education

October 11, 2023
A young climate hero saving the world

The EOAS's Pacific Museum of Earth has recently launched a new version of their climate science-themed online escape room game, Climate Hero. This initiative is part of the Pacific Museum of Earth's GenAction grant, supported by the Canadian Association of Science Centres, which is backed by a $6 million investment from the Government of Canada's $37.8 million Climate Action and Awareness Fund, supporting youth-focused climate change projects like GenAction. The PME/EOAS Team (Kirsten Hodge, Eva Gnegy, Lualawi Mareshet Admasu, and Rachel White) collaborated with Steamlabs to develop the game and ECO Schools Canada to promote the game as part of their Eco-Certification program with schools across Canada.

In the game, players start 40 years in the future, when Earth's climate has drastically changed. Players are tasked with navigating through six challenges, journeying back in time to commit to climate action. These challenges encompass various levels of climate action, from individual efforts to policy-level initiatives. A unique AI-feature allows players to engage in critical thinking and conversation, using a large language model powered by Cohere AI to simulate dialogue between players and the game’s characters. As part of this initiative, we've also spotlighted EOAS researchers, Marti Doucet & Rachel White in Science Spotlights, and we’re excited to announce that Rachel’s spotlight was chosen to be featured in the Climate Quest exhibit at Science North.

Click here to learn more about the game and play yourself!