Anne-Martine Doucet


EOS-Main 229

Currently, I am a M.Sc. student in the Hydrogeology Group working with Prof. Uli Mayer. My research focuses on quantifying passive drawdown of CO2 in the field at mine sites and natural analogue sites. During the weathering of ultramafic mine tailings, minerals release cations which facilitate the precipitation of secondary carbonate minerals within the tailings’ pore spaces. Specifically, my work aims to utilize CO2 flux measurements to provide direct evidence for the occurrence of active carbon sequestration and to quantify its rates. My work will also assess the spatial and temporal variability of the CO2 uptake, providing information to improve carbon capture techniques.

My BSc. work with Prof. Ian Clark involved comparing greenhouse gas (CO2, N2O, CH4) fluxes from distinct microecosystems in agricultural drainage networks in collaboration with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.


  • MSc. in Geological Sciences. University of British Columbia. Supervisor: Dr. Uli Mayer. 2019-present.
  • Honors BSc. Environmental Sciences (CO-OP), specialization in environmental geochemistry and ecotoxicology. University of Ottawa. 2014-2019.


  • NSERC CGS-M (2019)
  • University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Science Dean’s List (2015-2019)
  • NSERC USRA (2017)
  • Remarkable Student, Faculty of Science Annual Research Report (April 2017)
  • University of Ottawa Faculty of Science Admission Scholarship (2014-2019)