Benjamin Scheifele

PhD Oceanography

ESB 3023-5
(604) 822-3911

Benjamin Scheifele is a Physical Oceanographer and Data Scientist who recently completed his Ph.D. with Stephanie Waterman at the University of British Columbia. For his Ph.D., he used ocean gliders (think "underwater drones") to study ocean turbulence and mixing in the Arctic Ocean. The purpose of that work is to understand how thermal energy stored in the ocean can contribute to the dramatic loss of sea ice that we've observed in the Beaufort Sea over the last two decades.

For his Masters thesis, Benjamin studied mixing by double diffusion using measurements in the 10,000 year old relic seawater of a deep, coastal BC lake. For his undergraduate thesis, he used high-performance computing systems to study how impurities impact phase changes in natural systems (e.g. how do atmospheric pollutants induce rain drop formation). For more info, see "Publications".

Benjamin's work is affiliated with the Canadian Arctic GEOTRACES Program and is supported through the Canada Vanier Graduate Scholarships Program and the Killam Doctoral Scholarships Program. His PhD thesis is partially supervised by Jeff Carpenter at the Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht.

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Doctor of Philosophy - University of British Columbia, Canada     IP

  • Program: Physical Oceanography
  • Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences    
  • Advisors: Stephanie Waterman; Jeff Carpenter (Helmholtz Zentrum, Geesthacht)
  • Thesis: Turbulent Mixing in the Beaufort Sea

Master of Science - University of British Columbia, Canada    2013

  • Program: Physical Oceanography
  • Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences    
  • Advisor: Rich Pawlowicz
  • Thesis: Double Diffusive Convection in Powell Lake, British Columbia

Bachelor of Science, Adv. Maj. - St. Francis Xavier University, Canada    2011

  • Program: Physics
  • Department of Physics
  • Advisor: Peter H. Poole
  • Thesis: Heterogeneous Nucleation in the Ising Model


Scheifele, B.,  Waterman, S.,  Merckelbach, L., &  Carpenter, J. R. ( 2018).  Measuring the dissipation rate of turbulent kinetic energy in strongly stratified, low‐energy environments: A case study from the Arctic OceanJournal of Geophysical Research: Oceans,  123,  5459– 5480


Scheifele B, Waterman SN, Carpenter JR. 2016. Turbulent Dissipation Rates, Mixing, and Heat Fluxes in the Canadian Arctic from Glider-based Microstructure Measurements. VIIIth International Symposium on Stratified Flows. :1–8.


Scheifele B, Pawlowicz R, Sommer T, Wueest A. 2014. Double Diffusion in Saline Powell Lake, British Columbia. JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL OCEANOGRAPHY. 44:2893-2908.


Scheifele B, Saika-Voivod I, Bowles RK, Poole PH. 2013. Heterogeneous nucleation in the low-barrier regime. Physical Review E. 87:042407–6.