Megan Russell

Research Associate Geophysics

Planetary Science Laboratory

EOS Main 302

I work with the planetary science group under the direction of Dr. Catherine Johnson. We study, in a geophysical sense, various aspects of the hard-surface planetary bodies in our solar system, such as their gravity and magnetic fields, and surface features using geological mapping, structural geology and geomorphology. I study volcanoes on the planet Venus using radar images and topography collected by the Magellan spacecraft. I use these volcanoes to model interior processes such as subsurface heat flow and past magmatic activity. These areas contribute to the many unsolved questions around Venus involving its surface age, resurfacing styles, and if the surface is currently volcanically active, that may help to explain why the evolution of Earth and Venus took such divergent paths.

My areas of interest involve:

  • Remote sensing
  • Planetary geology
  • Lithospheric modelling
  • Public outreach
  • Computer coding