Zhen Li

Postdoctoral Fellow


(778) 678-5268

My research is motivated by fundamental questions: how oceanographic conditions changed in coasts and oceans response to climate change in the past, how much difference the changes between coasts and oceans, what are the influence factors on the changes and differences, how the climatic and sea-level changes as well as human activity affect coastal environments and ecosystems, especially marine primary productivity (PP). Seeking answers to these questions inspires me to work on reconstructions of paleoceanographic conditions on various time and spatial scales using multiple proxies. I mostly use palynological analysis (microfossils of dinoflagellate cysts, pollen and spores, charcoal, foraminiferal organic linings, etc.), sediment facies analysis (grain-size, structure, color, fossil contents, sedimentary sequences, etc.) and geochemical proxies (Si, TOC, Ba, Fe, Cr etc.) to reconstruct past climate (e.g. temperature and precipitation), oceanographic conditions (e.g., SST, SSS, marine PP, eutrophication level and oxygenation), sea-level change, and human activities. Dinoflagellate cysts are used for the reconstruction of specific oceanographic patterns. Pollen and spores in marine environment could reflect regional vegetation, climate, or coastal vegetation and coastline migration. Geophysical survey, sediment facies and geochemical analyses help for understanding regional background of sedimentary environments. With these interests and methods, my research focuses on and contributes to the following aspects in the Pacific Ocean with large human population living in coastal areas and serious coastal risks from sea-level rise, climate warming, and eutrophication.

  • Paleoceanographic reconstructions in the North Pacific; 
  • Asian monsoon climatic and oceanographic changes in the western Pacific region during the Holocene;
  • Holocene mangrove succession and mega-delta initiation in response to the relative sea-level change and monsoon climatic variation; 
  • Human activities in response to modern mega-delta initiation and coastal development. 


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