Slide Sets in EOAS

Geology slide sets [view slides]

A diverse collection of images kindly released for teaching and learning purposes by the compiler of the image sets, Carlo Giovanella, an instructor at UBC's department of Earth and Ocean Sciences.

The Guadalupe Mountains - Permian Reef Complex [view slides]

This virtual field trip will guide you through the palaeogeography, palaeocology, and sedimentary facies of the exhumed Permian reef complex, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, west Texas, U.S.A

Keck Geology Consortium Structural Geology Slide Set [view slides]

The CD-ROM comprises 100 high resolution photographs of structural features ranging from microscopic to aerial photograph scale. This web site provides a preview of the set (at a significantly lower resolution). It is intended for teaching use.

Lithoprobe Introductory Slide Set [view slides]

This is one of the educational resources made available by the Lithoprobe project. More information for educators (posters, brochures, background, links, references) is available at their Educational Resources website, or see the Lithoprobe homepage.

Three short slide shows

Three short slide shows illustrating some aspects of geophysical surveying for engineering / environmental applications, petroleum exploration, and mineral exploration.
1.Oil/gas well drilling and logging.
2. Resistivity / ip field surveying.
3. Land and marine magnetics surveying.

Clastic Depositional Environments [view slides]

Images and descriptions of rocks typical of clastic depositional environments.

Landslide Image Gallery [view slides]

Images and captions illustrating some features of landslides.

Several slideshows explaining geophysics