Learning on the land with Dr. Laura Lukes

September 19, 2023
Dr. Laura Lukes

Meet Dr. Laura Lukes, assistant professor of Earth Oceans and Atmospheric Sciences who is merging her interests in psychology and geology to advance teaching and learning experiences for the upcoming generation of geoscientists. 


Dr. Lukes’ work, recently featured on the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Science page, focuses on creating and identifying transformative learning experiences, the kind that prompt students to begin viewing themselves as scientists, rather than ‘individuals interested in science’. To that end, Dr. Lukes has developed projects to expand inclusive field opportunities and self-regulated experiential learning (e.g. museum exhibits). A large part of her work also focuses on creating space for collaboration between academics and indigenous community members to incorporate and acknowledge diverse ‘ways of knowing’ into science curricula. Ultimately, by enhancing an interdisciplinary approach to teaching geosciences, Dr. Lukes hopes to equip developing geoscientists with the tools necessary to tackle the varied Earth challenges our future generations face. 

Click here to see Dr. Lukes’ interview with the Faculty of Science.