Geena Littel

PhD Geophysics


Source processes of slow fault slip and tectonic tremor in the Cascadia subduction zone 

Seismotectonics offshore & onshore western British Columbia (Queen Charlotte Triple Junction, Coast Mountains)

Littel, G. F., Thomas, A. M., & Baltay, A. S. (2018). Using tectonic tremor to constrain seismic wave attenuation in Cascadia. Geophysical Research Letters, 45, 9579–9587.

Littel, G. F., Bostock, M. G., Schaeffer, A. J., & Roecker, S. (2023) Microplate evolution in the Queen Charlotte triple junction & Explorer region. Tectonics, 42 (6).

Littel, G. F. & Bostock, M. G. (2023) Seismicity at the intersection of the Coast Shear Zone anahim Volcanic Belt near Bella Coola, British Columbia, Canada. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences.