Maximilian Goetz

MSc Geological Sciences

ESB 4014

I am currently a Masters Candidate in the hydrogeology research group, supervised by Roger Beckie.  As a member of the Energy & Environment Research Initiative (EERI), my research is centered on the characterization of dissolved methane in groundwater in the Peace Region, Northeast BC (NEBC), using a regional, dedicated groundwater monitoring well network.  Before starting at UBC, I worked as a site geologist / hydrogeologist at a copper porphyry-skarn mine in New Mexico.  I received my B.Sc. at McGill University in Earth & Planetary Sciences (2014).

Please visit my LinkedIn page for work & education history:

Ladd, B., Cahill, A.G., Goetz, M., Allen, A., Welch, L., Mayer, B., van Geloven, C., Kirste, D. and Beckie, R.D. (2020): Installation of a purpose-built groundwater monitoring well network to characterize groundwater methane in the Peace Region, northeastern British Columbia (NTS 093P/09–16, 094A/01–08); in Geoscience BC Summary of Activities 2019: Energy and Water, Geoscience BC, Report 2020-02, p. 131–144

Cahill, AG,  RD Beckie, B Ladd, E Sandl, M Goetz, J Chao, J Soares, C Manning, C Chopra, N Finke, I Hawthorne, A Black, KU Mayer, S Crowe, T Cary, R Lauer, B Mayer, A Allen, D Kirste, L Welch, Advancing knowledge of gas migration and fugitive gas from energy wells in northeast British Columbia, Canada,Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology, 9(2) pp 134-151, 2019