Brooke Hoppstock-Mattson

PhD Geological Sciences

International Doctoral Fellow


I study how inorganic chemicals move through the atmosphere and the hydrosphere by using once living organisms as a means of sampling the environment throughout time. In my work, I measure trace metals and lead (Pb) isotopes in biomonitors such as, bees/honey, Pacific chum, and bowhead whales. By sampling organisms in the environment, I can acquire large sample sizes that represent the environment at various points in time. These biogeochemical systems are measured by trace elements and isotopic analysis using Quadrople ICP-MS and MC/HR-ICP-MS, respectively. I am interested in how these measured environmental conditions impact human health and conservation.

2017 NSF REU Fellow, Oregon State University (Corvallis, OR)
2018 B.A. Geology and Environmental Science, Hope College (Holland, MI)
2018-2020 Corrective Action Geologist, Underground Storage Tank Division of Kentucky DEP (Frankfort, KY)
2020 PhD. Environmental Geochemistry, University of British Columbia