Jamie Cutts

PhD Geological Sciences

EOS-Main 301
(613) 295-8421

My research to date has been primarily focussed on using mapping, elemental and isotopic geochemistry and U-Pb zircon geochronology to characterize and constrain various tectonic elements within orogens: my B.Sc research involved determining the age and geochemistry of a previously unstudied ophiolite complex in the Newfoundland Appalachians and my M.Sc research was a geochronology and geochemical study of a suite of syn-tectonic plutons that escaped regional deformation and metamorphism in the Grenville Province of Ontario.

My current research has two main components:

1) investigating spatial and temporal variations in the distribution of eclogite lenses within the ultra-high pressure Western Gneiss Complex of Norway to constrain timing and rates of metamorphism. The study will primarily use using Lu-Hf garnet, and U-Pb zircon and rutile geochronology.

2) testing models for lithospheric root zone formation beneath cratons by constraining cooling rates in garnet-peridotites in the Western Gneiss Complex of Norway. This study will use both Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd garnet geochronology.

I have been a TA for the following courses at UBC:

EOSC 220: Introductory Mineralogy

EOSC 223: Field Techniques

EOSC 328: Field Geology

EOSC 422: Structural Geology II

I was also a TA at Carleton University for the following classes:

-Introductory Geology

-Geology for Engineers

-Field Techniques

-Field Geology

-Structural Geology