Jamie Cutts

Postdoctoral Fellow Geological Sciences

EOS-Main 301
(613) 295-8421

My research focuses on applying novel geochemical and geochronological techniques to metamorphic rocks to provide insight into the nature, timing, and duration of processes leading to the growth and evolution of Earth’s continents (Archean crustal growth, accretionary and collisional orogenesis). My current research has two main components:

1) Integrating metamorphic petrology, geochemistry, and geophysics datasets from serpentinized and carbonated ultramafic rocks in British Columbia to assess and quantify the potential for these rocks to sequester carbon dioxide and so contribute to a environmentally-sustainable and carbon-neutral mining industry.

2) Applying the Lu-Hf garnet chronometer to a variety of rock-types from a range of tectonic settings to constrain the timing and nature of orogenic and mantle processes. Study areas include Phanerozoic orogens such as the Canadian Cordillera, Appalachians, Alps, and Caledonides, Paleoproterozoic Orogens such as the Trans-Hudson, New Québec, Torngat, and Arrowsmith Orogens and Canadian Archean cratons.

My teaching includes class-room, lab, and field-based instruction with a focus on field/mapping methods, metamorphic petrology, and structural geology. Regardless of the setting, I firmly believe that a student’s success can be measured by their ability to apply a concept, which can only be achieved through practice and is a direct function of an instructor’s ability to engage and motivate the students to learn. To do so, my teaching style is one that uses active learning methods that require the participation of the class—no matter the size—in activities that involve the immediate application of key concepts from the lecture to real geological problems.  

During my PhD at UBC I TA'd a variety of courses, including Introductory Mineralogy (EOSC 220), Field Techniques (EOSC 223), Metamorphic Petrology (EOSC 322), Field Geology (EOSC 328), Tectonic Evolution of North America (EOSC 332), and Structural Geology II (EOSC 422).

Since completing my PhD in 2019, I have been a co-instructor for Metamorphic Petrology (EOSC 322), Field Geology (EOSC 328), and Field Techniques (EOSC 223). 


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